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Best NTFS Data Recovery Toolkit

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    ntfs data recovery toolkit V9 crackWindows NTFS data recovery Toolkit is one of the best software to restore deleted, formatted and corrupted data. It can recover data from NTFS, FAT and GPT files potently. This toolkit is efficient enough to recover complete data from the damaged hard drive.

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    download crack v10 full versionYou can recover data from corrupt NTFS partition easily and speedily. Using this tool, you can recover data for NTFS file format even after hard deletion. NTFS data recovery toolkit is very easy and simple to use.

  • Support to Restore Deleted (shift+delete) Data Easily More...

    ntfs recovery software serial keyThe Windows NTFS data recovery software can recover permanently deleted files from NTFS formatted hard drive. If by mistake you deleted an important file by pressing Shift+Delete key and want to recover and save the data, then you can download the NTFS Data Recovery Toolkit and easily recover complete data.

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    recover ntfs data toolkitPurchase Fully functional Version of NTFS data Recovery toolkit that retrieve data. It can help you to perform the complete NTFS disk recovery. The full version facilitates you in performing Data recovery from IDE, EIDE & SCSI Disk Devices.

  • Can Save Long File Names while Performing Data Recovery for NTFS More...

    free toolkit v7Some important benefits of NTFS file toolkit are as follows: Data is secure and safe. The NTFS restore toolkit supports large file with large volume sizes, Unicode file names, disk space, NTFS also supports advanced data structures, file system journaling to make improvements in performance, toolkit doesn't require any special technique to run this program.

  • NTFS Partition Recovery Software Supports all Windows Version More...

    ntfs data recovery crackIf you want to know the working of data recovery NTFS software, then you can get the free trial version of this toolkit online. The NTFS File Recovery toolkit supports all major Windows versions like, 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000, 2003, 2007, Vista, Win7, Win8.1 & Win10. However, demo version restricts you from saving the recovered items to your system.

Modules of NTFS Data Recovery Toolkit

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Technical Brief of Hard Drive NTFS File System

NTFS stands for New Technology File System which is developed by Microsoft to format a storage device in a specific structure. The NTFS File system is introduced in 1993 with Windows NT 3.1, to improve the performance over existing file systems like FAT (File Allocation Table) and HPFS (High Performance File System). The use of advance data structure in NTFS File system improve its performance like disk space utilization, reliability, easy to read & write and also supports some addition extensions like access control list and journalling file system. know complete detail of NTFS File System read the complete page.

Feature Details
Developer Microsoft
Introduced In July 1993
NTFS Stands for New Technology File System
Supported Structure B+ Tree
File Allocation type Bitmap
Fist supported window Windows NT 3.1 to windows 10(Newly released)
Supported Windows Server Yes
Attributes archive, not content indexed, off-line, temporary, compressed, Read-only, hidden, system.

Released Versions of NTFS File System

Microsoft released five versions of NTFS file system in term to provide better functionality and compatibility of hardware and software. All versions of NTFS File System is given below.

V1.0: - It is introduced in 1993 with the Windows NT 3.1 and it it is incompatible with v1.1 and all later developed versions.

V1.1: - It is introduced in 1995 with Windows NT 3.51 and it supports Named Stream, access control list and compressed files.

V1.2: - It is introduced in 1996 with Windows NT 4.0 and it is commonly known as NTFS 4.0 because of windows version. It supports security descriptors for secure able Windows Objects.

V3.0: - It is introduced in 2000 with the Windows 2000 and supports encrypting file system, re-parse point, sparse file and update sequence number journalling. It is commonly called as NTFS 5.0.

V3.1: - Introduced in 2001 with windows XP and it is used in Windows Vista and Windows 7, 10 also. In this the Master File Table (MFT) is expanded with the redundant record number. It is normally called as NTFS 5.1 because of introduced Operating System.

Different Used Files in NTFS File System

If a storage device is formatted as NTFS File Format then it uses some files to store all useful details. To provide better and enhance service the New Technology File System uses Master File Table, Meta Files, Attribute List, Time and Opportunistic Local. Lets discuss all files in detail.

  1. Meta Files
    The NTFS File System uses a Meta file to manage and store the description of duffer file system change, backup critical file data, satisfies BOIS requirement, manages free space on device, track bad allocations, disk space use information and stores security details. To perform these operations it uses many files like $MFT, $MFTMrr, $LogFile, $AtrrDef, $Boot and $Extend etc.
  2. Master File Table
    In NTFS File System the a Master File Table is use to store file name, creation date, file size , access permission, all files, directory and meta data. This feature makes it easy top deploy NTFS File system during Windows deployments. As it store all related information locally so it provides a fast search and accessibility of data. The MFT supports the algorithm which minimizes the Disk Fragmentation.
  3. Attributes used in NTFS File System
    In NTFS File system all the information stored in the MFT File are associated with some attributes to specify the starting, ending, data scope and many more features. Each attribute has an attribute type which specifies the data separately. The Attributes used by NTFS File system may be of two type either Resident or Non-Resident. For exchange file it specifies some attributes like attribute type, attribute length and attribute name (it must be unique).
  4. Time
    The NTFS File Format store the file created time, modified time, access time and file deleted times etc. It uses an internal time stamp like UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), It ensures that when files are moved or copied between NTFS and Non- NTFS partitions then it need to convert the timestamps on the fly.
  5. Opportunistic Lock
    Opportunistic lock is often called as Oplocks and is allow a client to alter his buffering strategy for the particular file or stream which helps in reducing the network use and increases the performance. Window supports four different type of oplocks Level 2 oplock, Level 1 oplock, exclusive or batch oplock, exclusive or filer oplock.

Features of NTFS File System Over FAT File System

There are many advance feature in the NTFS File Format, I am listing all the feature below.

  1. Journalling
  2. Hard Link
  3. Scalability
  4. File Compression
  5. Sparse File
  6. Encryption
  7. Security
  8. Transaction
  9. Resizing
  10. Quotas
  11. Volume Shadow
  12. ADS – Alternate Data Stream etc.

Need of NTFS Data Recovery Toolkit and It's Features

This Recovery Toolkit for NTFS formatted hard drive is a very useful tool in case of data corruption or when the NTFS partition is not accessible. Suppose that you stored your all crucial data into NTFS Partitioned storage device such as hard disk and pen drive etc. Due to some reason you are not able to access the files or complete partition. To over come from this situation and make the ntfs partitioned drive in healthy state you need to use NTFS Data Recovery Software. While purchasing you must look for some features of the software. Find a list of top features of the this software, which is given below.

  • Tool must be able to recover and save permanently deleted files or folders from NTFS partition.
  • The software must have capability to retrieve any size file from NTFS partition.
  • The NTFS Recovery Software must support all windows version.
  • Utility must be able to recover photo, music, video, documents and other files as well.
  • Software should be fast and provide Normal Data Recovery, Deleted Data Recovery and Formatted Data Recovery etc.
  • The NTFS Recovery Software must be able to recover data from internal or external NTFS Formatted storage media.
  • Software must have feature of ROW Partition data recovery.
  • It should be able to recover data from CD/DVD.
  • Search Within recovered data for particular file or folder.
  • The NTFS Data Recovery Tool must be able to recover only selected files or folders from huge data.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, This Toolkit is developed technically wise enough so that it does not affect Meta property of files saved on hard drive of computer.
No, You can recover hard drive of any size without any limitation. It Helps to retrieve unlimited data from Windows hard drive, tested on upto 1 TB.
Yes, the toolkit support recovery of all types of data from media storage devices.
Yes, The ntfs data recovery toolkit supports all version of windows like XP, 2000, 2003, 2007, Vista, Win7, Win8.1 & Win10.
Yes, This NTFS Data Recovery Toolkit is enabled with feature that will show you the history i.e. creation date & last modified date of all deleted, corrupted files or folders.
Yes, a demo version of Hard Drive NTFS Recovery Tool is provided for users to check the performance & features of the tool before purchasing the full version.
No, Downloading NTFS Data Recoery Toolkit crack for free is not a healthy practice. Most of the user are seaching for free ntfs data recovery toolkit serial number. But getting the crack version and free serial key is not safe. It may make situation worst. So do not use NTFS Data recovery Toolkit crack version for free.
Yes, The NTFS Data recovery Toolkit can recover permanently deleted files from Windows NTFS & FAT partitions.


NTFS Data Recovery Toolkit Support All Windows OS

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