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Recover Pen Drive Data With Unbeatable Process

Data deletion and corruption, both of these concerns are responsible to irritate computer users. In the similar manner, pen drive also creates a situation where you will not be able to detect the data within. And such situation may compel you in a situation where you have to recover Pen drive data or data is not shown into pen drive. To recover lost data from pen drive, it is suggested to use best remedy i.e. Pen Drive Recovery tool. This application is not only dedicated to repair damaged data from pen drive but also helpful to revive deleted data from a Pen Drive.

A Situation in which You need To Execute Pen Drive Recovery

Suppose you have inserted the pen drive into your laptop or desktop's CPU, the pen drive is detected but unfortunately, it does not get shown into My Computer Window. The case is obvious for users because, it happens when someone inserts a new pen drive into the computer. Simply it is called "Pen Drive is not detecting" error.

And if you have confronted the same issue then, don't think it is typical to resolve. It's your piece of cake because the problem gets generated due to Windows driver failure to detect the pen drive.

Get Back Pen Drive Data & Fix Corruption Errors

Better to fix the issue before the USB device will face severe damage that cannot be healed. Follow the steps given below to fix the error by Disk management Utility.

  • Go to Windows and Run Command by pressing Window+R.
  • Type compmgmt.msc and press enter.
  • Select Disk Management from Windows tree console.
  • Right click on the USB Drive.
  • Change the drive path and letters.
  • Apply new drive letter .
    (Note: - The letter should not used by any drive of your computer).
  • Refresh the system you will see the pen drive in My Computer.

If you are facing the issue due to failed file registry then, you should try the steps given below.

  • Go to Window and press Wnindow+r.
  • Type regedit command within Run prompt and click on OK.
  • Find out the UpperFilters registry from.
  • Delete the registry by clicking on Delete and then press Ok.
  • Also find out the LowerFilters registry.
  • Delete the registry by clicking on Delete and then press Ok.
  • Now exit from the Registry Editor

Note: - If after applying these steps you are not able to resolve the issue then use our Best Pen Drive Data Recovery Software. This tool is able to recover normally deleted, parmanently deleted, corrupted and damaged file from the pendrive.

Purchase Full Fledge Version of Pen Drive Recovery Software

Still if you are facing the error then, better to get a professional Pen Drive Recovery application. It may happen with the given workout that you can face a situation where pen drive gets deleted so, don't try such methods if you do not have expertise to do so. No matter if you stuck in pen drive data corruption or deletion because, our Pen Drive Recovery tool will help you to recover Pen Drive Data within few seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, The software is windows based tool so you can not use this utility on the MAC OS.
No, You can recover any size data by using this flash drive recovery tool.
Yes, The Pen drive Data Recovery software enable you to select the required files and then performs recovery of inaccessible data.
To make the it easy, the software will ask you to provide a particular location to save the resultant files.
The software is designed in such a way that it can recover corrupted, deleted and formatted data quickly. But the performance of Pen Drive Data Recovery Software is dependant on the processor speed and level of corruption.
No, The USB Recovery Software is very easy to use. The software is developed in GUI so you need to provide only required information and then software will automatically recover complete file.


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