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Technical Brief of .VHD File Format & VHD Data Recovery Software

What is .VHD File

VHD File is an acronym of Virtual Hard Disk and it represents a replica of physical HDD (Hard Disk Drive). The vhd file contains all data and data structure found on the physical hard drive like files, folders, file system and disk partition. Basically Virtual Hard Disk is used as the hard disk of a Virtual Machine or Microsoft Virtual Server. The vhd format was created by Connectix for their own Virtual PC Products but in 2003 Microsoft acquired this company and then announced it as Microsoft Virtual PC.

Feature Details
Developer Microsoft
Introduced In 2003
First Supported Windows Windows Vista
Its Format Type Binary
Its MIME Type application/octet-stream
File Category Disk Image File (Backup File)
Hex Signature 63 6F 6E 65 63 74 69 78
Its Location on Machine User Defined
Supported Platform Microsoft Windows Operating System

The VHD file is also called as the Image Based Backup File, that can be used to restore and backup complete data from your PC. The .vhd file represents native file systems like NTFS, FAT, exFAT and UDFS.

If the NTFS file of VHD file has been corrupted due to any reason then Virtual NTFS data recovery software is the perfect option for you. The tool has been specifically designed to solve the entire problem pertaining to the recovery of VHD data file and has unique potential to perform format VHD NTFS recovery from both static and dynamic VHD file.

Various Causes of Corruption in VHD File

There are many reasons of corruption in VHD file could be many like:

  • Anti-virus installed in host machine: Sometime the anti-virus installed in machine to protect it from any kind of external attack harms VHD file.
  • Virus attack: Virus is one of the very important reasons of corruption in VHD file.
  • Some third party encryption: Third party tool used from repair or recovery of data or for any other purpose does not support the VHD file and encrypt it.
  • Hardware problem: Regular change or expand of disk also causes the damage in VHD file.

Fix Corrupt VHD File Effectively

In addition to that there are many other reasons for repair Virtual file system. In VHD file, data is stored in two formats FAT and NTFS. Because of being more secure NTFS is the most preferred format for saving important data. But, even the NTFS file is prone to corruption. So, in case your NTFS data has got damage then Virtual NTFS data recovery software is one of the best solutions for you.

This software has been developed with all high-end technical algorithms and to provide extended support to repair NTFS Virtual volume and make recovery of lost VHD file. This software is embedded with multiple features. The features and interface of software can be better understood by using the demo version of tool which is available free of cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, The software can recover data from corrupted VHD file, it will recover the corrupted or inaccessible data from the vhd file.
No, There is not time limit, Requirement of time will depend on level of corruption and size of VHD and VHDX File.
Yes, The Hyper-v VHD Recovery Software is compatible with windows 10 Operating System and all its below versions as well.
Yes, The VHD recovery software will easily recover the deleted data from VHD and VHDX file easily.
Yes, The VHDX file recovery tool support recovery from VHD file as well.
Yes, you can search for specific data from the recovered VHD and VHDX File by using Search option.
VHD file can be corrupted due to partition deletion, partition formatting, partition damage and abnormal shut-down. In this situation you can use VHD Recovery Tool to recover corrupted vhd file.
No, The Hyper-v VHD & VHDX Recovery Software does not require any technical expertise and it is very easy to use.


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